Mothers Day at Humperdinks

Mother's Day as we know it was first celebrated in 1908, when a women named Anna Jarvis held a memorial in honor of her mother at St Andrew's Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Anna was actually quote the pioneer - she began lobbying for the day to be recognized as a holiday three years earlier in 1905, the year her mother passed. While congress initially rejected the proposal - joking that they would have to also proclaim a "Mother-in-law's Day" - the holiday began to catch on at the local level, and by 1911 nearly every US state recognized Mother's Day as a local holiday.  Four years later, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating Mother's Day as a national holiday, honoring all mothers on the second Sunday of May.

Unfortunately, Anna was not happy with the direction the holiday went from there. She was publicly resentful of it's commercialization, believing that companies like Hallmark misinterpreted and exploited the purpose of the day with Mother's Day cards and other manufactured gifts. Anna argued that people should honor their mothers through handwritten letters and spending time with them, and even went as far as to organize protests and boycotts against companies that helped commercialize the Holiday. She was eventually arrested for disturbing the peace in 1923, and began to fall on her own economic hardship in her effort to maintain the original meaning of the Holiday. 

We can't help but agree with the root of Anna's disdain for the the Holiday; Mother's Day shouldn't be about buying the "right card" for mom. It should be about spending quality time with her, and expressing your appreciation for her in your own way. That's why we've continued our Mother's Day Brunch for 40 years, after hosting the first-ever Mother's Day brunch on Greenville Avenue, and are now proud to offer our Mother's Day Brunch Special to celebrate this wonderful day at all four of our locations. 

Our Mother's Day Special features an all-inclusive 3 Course Pre-Fixe Menu for just $17.99.

- Our beverage offers include your choice of  Coffee, Mimosa or Juice

- The starters include both our delicious jumbo Cinnamon Roll and a cup of Fresh Season Fruit.

- The entrees include your choice of Eggs Benedict, BYO Omelets, Breakfast Tacos, Breakfast Flatbread, Chicken & Waffles, & more

- Finally, for desert, pick between our Brownie Fudge Sundae and New York Style Cheesecake to complete the Pre-fixe. 

In case you're looking for something a little different, our full brunch menu (starting at $9.99) & regular menu are also available. Plus, our Kids (12 & under) Brunch Menu is just $5.99.

For 40 years Mom has called Humperdinks home on Mother's Day. Our doors open at 10am sharp, & reservations are gladly accepted. Give us a call to make yours today, and come treat your mother the way Anna Jarvis would want you too. We look forward to seeing you!